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For the week ending 5/31/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: Prognosis Negative

The Story
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The Spin  Any press is good press. Uh.....not so much. 

The Story
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The Spin Exclusive photo of "major award":

The Story Veterans get a little testy on Memorial Day as small crowds show up to pay tribute and not one area high school student submits an entry in the "Pride In America" essay contest.
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The Spin A VH1 marathon of "Flava Of Love" was to blame. 
The Story
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The Spin Cars Pulling Out In Front of Rock Trucks + Spending Taxpayer Money On A Weigh Station = Less Deaths?  

The Story Authorities arrest a young girl on hit and run charges.

News worthiness ***
The Spin Other than that, it was the perfect crime.

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