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For the week ending 6/26/04:

The Story TxDot prepares for a public hearing on the widening of highway 380. The leading TxDot representative said that "the public will have the opportunity to offer comments . . . [but] we will not respond to comments at the hearing." 
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The Spin But they promise to smile and nod a lot.

The Story From Monday's Update: "TOP HONORS FOR THE MESS – The Wise County Messenger walked away with Sweepstakes honors for the third consecutive year at the annual convention of the Texas Press Association in Austin over the weekend. The Messenger won first place in advertising and editorials, second place in headline writing, news writing and sports photography and third place in column writing and general excellence. No other Wise County newspaper won awards in the competition. ". (emphasis added)
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The Spin The Bridgeport Index immediately issued a statement that read: "Hey, that really hurts."

The Story State Rep. Phil King shows up at a Wise County meeting to wow the crowd as usual. "Our last special session sounded like a big disaster," King said. "That was not true."
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The Spin He's right. It didn't sound like a disaster - It was a disaster.

The Story King also criticized the current state of funding for Texas schools by using a buzz word sure to strike fear in good Texans everywhere: "It's a socialistic education," he said.
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The Spin We all know those poor kids on the border don't deserve an education equal to that of those Highland Park kids.  The commies must be behind Robin Hood after all!

The Story Decatur ISD considers implementing a UIL soccer team but it may have to wait a few years. The Decatur ISD superintendant said that potential "attendance needs to be examined" as well before any formal decision is made.
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The Spin "Quite frankly, I'm a little nervous about going to a high school soccer game," said one ficticious Decatur parent. "Every now and then I have some pretty horrific flashbacks when my little Dakota was a three years old chasing that dang soccer ball around in the Lion's Club Diaper League at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning. I'm not sure I can handle it."

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