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For the week ending 7/7/01:

The Story The Bluebonnet nudist resort is up for sale. The Messenger ran a photo of the apparently naked owner, Charlie Moss, sitting down on location (with a table conveniently obstructing what none of us want to see). 
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) ***
The Spin We couldn't help but notice the by-line: "Messenger photo by Melissa Christensen".

The Story The Bluebonnet story, which was also written by Melissa Christensen, contained the following statement: "Spending an afternoon with them [the nudists] revealed a close-knit, fun loving crowd with plenty of spunk and compassion." 
News worthiness **
The Spin Easy there, Melissa, easy there. (Sidenote: Ok, you HBO Sex and the City fans, stop that giggling. That was very, very immature of you.)

The Story H.D. Boswell writes a letter to the editor imploring Mickey Hand to foreclose on all trailer home owners that are behind on their taxes. "You may get in no tax money but there will be 683 less mobile homes and 400 less students (and no need for that new school)."
News worthiness  *
The Spin  The Spin didn't realize that creating homeless children would solve the county's poverty and educational problems. 

The Story Plans move along for creating a gun range on the LBJ National Grasslands.
News worthiness **
The Spin Of course, you'll probably have to go through a seven day waiting period between each shot.

The Story Channel 8 runs a feature on the Boyd Volunteer Fire Department engaging in the curious practice of running a fireworks stand to produce revenue.
New worthiness ***
The Spin (1) Chief Dennis was shown providing after-the-sale advice of "Ok, guys, be careful, don't lose no fingers", and (2)  Page 3A Messenger headline on July 8, 2001: "Fourth fireworks spark several grassfires".

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