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For the week ending 7/11/09

The Story  
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The Spin Reza is a Muslim. The sentence should be considered a victory since most Wise Countians would sentence someone to 15 years for simply being a Muslim.

The Story The Alvord ISD Athletic Director is expected to resign for a position in Iraan.
News worthiness *
The Spin "If always had my doubts about him," said one double fake Alvord resident. "But now I'm sure. Anyone that would accept a position in a country that held us hostage until Reagan took office has no business being in our community."

The Story  While the Decatur ISD considers installing fake grass at the football stadium, this occurs:
News worthiness **
The Spin "I don't know what Moses felt like when he received the tablets," said one fake board member. "But I've got a pretty good idea now."

The Story
News worthiness *
The Spin Not a bad consolation after trying, but failing, to capture the title of "Sour Cream Enchilada Capital of Texas."

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