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For the week ending 8/16/08
This Week's Overall News Theme: The Streets Of Ground Beef

The Story It Tax Week Craziness.

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The Spin Water Board calls School Board "tax and spend liberals" and also announces plan for the Ronald Reagan Big Sandy Pipeline. 

The Story
News worthiness ***
The Spin Cattle Ranchers immediately declare "shortage" and  raise beef prices.  In related news, Cottondale Herefords call incident an act of terror and a "clear attack on our sovereignty" -- then threaten retaliation against Slidell Black Angus who they believe responsible. County Commissioners ask for "calm" and urge resolution without "further bovine violence."

The Story  
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The Spin "History of ever"? The Messenger is stealing my schtick that I stole from someone else!

The Story
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The Spin Well that's what you get for trying to peddle your big city items in Decatur. But we're an understanding bunch so that's why we decided to steal from you without causing any financial harm. But let this be a warning "C", keep your high tone trinkets in Addison. Next time we won't be so easy. We've got Speedo Man who needs to shop for a few items.  

The Story The City Of Rhome gets fined $3,000.

News worthiness ***
The Spin At least the city got fined and not the taxpayers. Oh, wait. 
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