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For the week ending 9/17/05:

The Story Four people (ages 22,32, 27, and 24) are killed in the early  morning traffic accident near the Sheriff's department.  The accident wasn't discovered until a motorist saw one of the bodies "on the side of the road" and reported it.
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) ****
The Spin What a horrible accident - but hopefully the  expansion of 380 will  reduce the number of deaths that we have become accustomed to seeing. (And the photo of the wrecked vehicle on the front page of the Messenger is painful to look at).

The Story The Sheriff's Office intends to take out an ad in Messenger listing the names of those who have more than 1,300 active warrants. The sheriff called it "a public shaming ad".  (Nice).
News worthiness **
The Spin And the Messenger will have a special four page advertising section entitled "Best Bail Bondsmen in Wise County"

The Story An 11 year old girl goes missing in Decatur on Wednesday only to be found walking down a road on Thursday morning. When asked why she didn't go home from school on Wednesday she "said she had planned to home on Thursday".
News worthiness ***
The Spin Give her credited for being calm and collected.

The Story  Matties restaurant on the square in Decatur closes after many, many years.
News worthiness ***
The Spin Wise Regional Health Center immediately announced that it will also close its Clogged Artery Unit.

The Spin Jed Moorhouse of Decatur writes a Letter to the Editor chastising those that remained behind in New Orleans. "Those that chose to stay behind needlessly put themselves in harm's way . . . . Now they are throwing a fit about the slow rescue efforts . . . Yes, I have a heart and do feel sorry for them. It's just hard to feel sorry for ignorance."
News worthiness ***
The Spin This would be too easy.  I'm laying out.

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