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For the week ending 10/3/09

The Story The Decatur City Council decides to annex 50 acres.

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The Spin Interestingly, when I googled "Linda Hurley" I found someone with that name who appealed a decision in Hood County after a utility company took an easement on her land. Probably not the the same lady, but still interesting.

The Story  
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The Spin Ironically, this story appeared on page  5A and  was reprinted again on page 7A of Saturday's paper.

The Story County Commissioners set a tax rate for the new Weatherford College district tax. If you own a $100,000 home, it'll cost you about $50 a year:

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The Spin And you can tour the new campus at . . . wait  . . . they are having trouble purchasing the land. Trouble brewing?

The Story The Decatur Library enters into a consortium to allow cardholders to visit other libraries.

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The Spin What a relief! I've always been worried about being denied access to the Kennedale library. 

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