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For the week ending 10/18/03:

The Story "By a margin of 166 ballots, voters approved Decatur's $32.8 million bond on Oct. 10, and now the construction phase can begin."
News worthiness  (on a scale of 0 to 5) *
The Spin That's $197,590.36 a vote (if our high school math was taught in the appropriate facilities).

The Story Pat Bridges writes a Letter to the Editor criticizing the public address announcer at a recent Boyd/Paradise junior high football game. "If the man in the booth wanted to cheer and root his team on, he should have been in the stands with the rest of us, not holding a microphone."
News worthiness *
The Spin From here on out, "Crush those little seventh grade punks like cheap aluminum cans and send them home to their mommies" will not be acceptable.

The Story Waylett Manshadow (is that a real name?) wrote a Letter to the Editor in an attempt to debunk myths about the Vietnam War. "Myth - Kim Phauk, the little 9-year-old Vietnamese girl was photographed running naked from her [bombed] village . . . [was not bombed by American planes]."
News worthiness *
The Spin Actually, her name is "Kim Phuc" but the claim appears to be true.  Here's the photo, here's what she looks like now, and here's a book about her.

The Story
 A group of citizens urged the county commissioners to oppose (for what it would be worth) a proposed injection well near Boyd. One said:"We're not a bunch of tree huggers, but there is the potential for groundwater pollution . . . ."
News worthiness *
The Spin "There are some nasty things you can call me, but please don't label me an environmentalist in this county!"

The Story After both Bridgeport and Decatur ISD pass a bond election in recent weeks, we noted these two sentences from follow-up stories: (1) "Architect Kevin Smith from Claycomb Associates was on hand to share drawing of the [Bridgeport] multi-purpose gym to be built at the middle school . . . ." and (2) "Kevin Smith of Claycomb and Associates . . . declared that now his company's work can really begin on the [Decatur school project]."  
News worthiness *
The Spin Kevin Smith then went home with big bags of money.

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