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For the week ending 11/09/02:

The Story The Republicans sweep the county races in a landslide.
News worthiness  (on a scale of 0 to 5) ****
The Spin Hey, it's a "D" by a guy's name, not a Scarlet D.

The Story Messenger editor Skip Nichols points out that the "straight ticket" voters  favored Republicans over Democrats by a margain of 3,012 to 1,675 - an advantage that is basically overwhelming for any Democratic candidate.
 News worthiness **
The Spin What is even more amazing is that over 34% of all Wise Countians who actually voted chose to vote straight ticket. We would talk about how irresponsible that is, but we really don't want to offend one out of every three of you.

The Story Voters also rejected a proposed Fire District for Boonsville.
News worthiness *
The Spin "District", "Democrat", whatever. Let's kill all those "D" words.

The Story Skip Nichols also wrote that in "January, a host of local officials [will be] switching from the Democratic Party to the Repubican Party. They'll tell you, truthfully, that party affiliation has no effect on their job."
News worthiness **
The Spin They'll also tell you, truthfully, it has everything to do with keeping their job.

The Story Nine people are left homeless due to a trailer home fire. The family dog, named Pimp,  was saved although EMS firefighters had to provide him oxygen.
News worthiness ***
The Spin (1) Nine people? (2) A dog named Pimp?

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