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A tongue in cheek review of the news published this week regarding Wise County.
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For the week ending 11/14/09

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The Spin I think there's something about The Law Of Diminishing Returns that is applicable here.

The Story The Messenger profiles a family whose home is not what it used to be due to a natural gas well being drilled nearby.

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The Spin "Drill, baby, Drill!" - Sarah Palin

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The Spin The world needed someone to step up and replace The Crocodile Hunter

The Story Manshadow Waylett attacks me in a Letter To The Editor for something I never said nor implied last week. (I'm not sure why "value" is in quotes since it is not a word I used.) Excerpt:

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The Spin After contemplating a hundred different replies over the weekend, I think I'll just simply walk away.  

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