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For the week ending 11/17/01:

The Story The Gideons are allowed to distribute the Bible at Decatur ISD. The school board acknowledges they will control who is allowed to hand out material based upon the content of the material. 
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The Spin Hmmmm. Please rule on the following: The Koran, Bobby Has Two Mommies, The Prayer of Jabez, Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue,  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire, The Turner Diaries, The Wicca Book of Days, Helter Skelter, The Book of Mormon, and The Christian Science Monitor. Please do your own work and hand your paper to the front when you are finished.

The Story Decatur city councilman John Coker tells the Decatur Economic Development Corporation: "I may step on some toes, but until we change the city council's mind, the city staff's mind, and the mayor's mind, I don't see anything happening." Coker said that Mayor Bobby Wilson had "made fun of" the EDC's purchase of a 50-acre industrial park near the airport.
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The Spin The normally boring arena of Decatur politics apparently has some potential. It's not New Fairview, but it's a start.

The Story Homeowners in Decatur protest the building of a 106 unit apartment complex near their homes and near the Wise County Heritage Museum. "We have quite a gem in the museum and you're going to surround it by apartments?" said one local homeowner.
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The Spin The proposed site is currently filled with "weeds, large concrete slabs and debris".  Yes, apartments would be unsightly next to the museum.

The Story School bus provider Stock Transportation apologized to Northwest ISD for crummy service. "Board President Danny Simpson said he didn't think Stock officials realized the magnitude of the districtís bus routes that cover 232 square miles in Wise, Denton and Tarrant counties. "
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The Spin Let's see. If you were going to bid on providing bus service, what is the one thing you would want to know?

The Story Toni Logan of Bridgeport writes a letter to the editor denouncing the new Harry Potter movie as depicting witchcraft. "It has the ability to make your child curious about the occult and that can be very dangerous."
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The Spin Come to think of it, the old Bewitched TV series did cause us lots of moral decay.

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