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For the week ending 11/22/03:
The Story Two teenagers, in a stolen motor home, lead police on a crazy chase across the county. 
News worthiness (on a scale of 0 to 5) **
The Spin Next time you boys want to out run the cops, you may wish to consider upgrading your mode of transportation.

The Story State Senator Craig Estes speaks to the local Republican Party for 45 minutes and receives a standing ovation at its conclusion.
News worthiness *
The Spin Note to the local Republicans: A Blockbuster card can provide some pretty good entertainment if you'll give it a chance.

The Story An unnamed company rejects building a 600,000 square foot distribution center in Decatur because it could not find 100 acres of land "clear of pipelines and electric power lines."
News worthiness **
The Spin You might find land that meets the description in West Texas somewhere but that may make it a little tough for a  distribution center. You guys normally ship your goods to locations where people happen to be, right?

The Story The Decatur City Council considers passing an ordinace prohibiting skateboarders and a group of skateboarders show up. Get this: Mack Miller, 11, told the council that the skateboarders would "understand and respect the outcome" of the meeting.
News worthiness
The Spin So when did skater boys consult with public relations firms?

The Story Greg Lowery, the Republican County Attorney, endorses Mike Carrillo, a Democrat who announced he would run for District Attorney - a position currently held by Jana Jones, a Republican.
News worthiness
The Spin
Three words describe the courthouse atmosphere: Tense, tense and tense.

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