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For the week ending 12/23/00:
The Story Christmas thieves take handmade decorations from the lawn of Decatur resident Joe Redwine. "First there were two snowmen taken. . . . the second time thieves made off with two ice skaters, and  on the third visit, they took two dalmations."
News worthiness *
The Spin Anyone missing a Christmas Ark?

The Story After commissioners complain about problems with the sub courthouse in Boyd, project architect Stephen Darrow deflects criticism by pointing out it is the builder's responsibility to cure any problems. But when the final cost of the building was discussed, Darrow defended it: "There is a distinct difference between projection costs [$498,122] and construction costs [which ended up over $750,000]."
News worthiness *
The Spin We call it distinct taxpayer money.

The Story The Spin becomes confused about alcohol sales in Boyd. First, the Boyd City Council enacts at ordinance preventing the sale of alcoholic beverages within 1,000 feet of a school and 300 feet from a church.  In the same story the Messenger tells us: "The legal sale of alcoholic beverages for on or off premises consumption is not currently permitted in Boyd".  (Messenger, Sunday edition, p. 2A).
News worthiness *
The Spin So it's illegal to sell booze in Boyd and very illegal if you do it next to a church? (Sidenote: Opening up a bar next to First Baptist is always, always a bad business practice).

The Story Shelley Roberts writes a letter to the editor venting about her treatment by one county commissioner during last week's commissioners meeting. Putting the past behind her, she looks forward to her new life in Decatur: "We chose Decatur because of its reputation and educational excellence and also because the land is so beautiful."
News worthiness *
The Spin There's nothing like miles and miles of flat pasture land and telephone poles at Christmas time.

The Story After the collapse of the IGA, local churches in Boyd started shuffling residents back and forth to Decatur to buy groceries. 
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The Spin The Boyd City Council "agreed with [the mayor] that the city's reserve police car could be used for that same purpose and that he would be available as the driver". (Messenger, Saturday edition, p. 2A). No spin necessary.

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